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RiskProNet International, Inc., incorporated in 1998, is a network of 20 insurance agent/brokers located throughout the United States and Canada. Each member firm is an equal owner. Members are selected based on rigorous criteria designed to create a consortium of the most progressive and viable firms in the industry.

Members communicate through RiskProNet Online, an Internet-based software program designed for their exclusive use. This secure system allows members to search an extensive member database for experts in any area of insurance. Brokers can post a question and receive answers from top insurance professionals throughout the world in a matter of hours.

RiskProNet International has combined its membership into a seamless provider of risk management services and shared knowledge. These capabilities benefit clients who have national, international or highly specialized insurance and exposure to risk. What differentiates this organization from the “mega-brokers” is the shared commitment of members to give top priority to any inquiry or service request from other members.

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Membership Terms

Your access to RiskProNet is contingent upon your agency remaining as a member of RiskProNet and your employment at the member agency.

RiskProNet is comprised of 20 independent insurance brokerages.  Any employee of a member agency may join RiskProNet.  All others will be denied access.   Please direct any questions to Patti Reed at 813-695-3942 or [email protected].

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